Dental Holiday in Fethiye

Dental Holidays are certainly not a new concept. We have been arranging Dental Holidays in Fethiye since 2005. More patients are choosing to have their dental treatment overseas due to increasing prices in their home country, waiting times and many patients report that the one-to-one service level is declining. Since 2010 we have seen an [...] Read More

Why is Dentistry in Turkey so much cheaper than at home ?

We use the same materials, technology and Implant brands that you will find in your local clinic at home. The difference in treatment costs is due to the clinic overheads (rent, taxes and utilities). The dentists wages are also a lot lower than your local dentist at home as the average wage in Turkey is […]

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What is the Clinic standard of hygiene?

The clinic hygiene standards are excellent and what you would expect in any high class dental clinic. The clinic is cleaned and sterilised every morning before it is open to patients. All standard dental instruments are sterilised in an Autoclave at a temperature that kills all types of germs including those that cause Hepatitis B […]

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