LUMINEERS – Dentist Fethiye

lumineers in fethiye-turkeyDental Lumineers are ideal if you have are planning a smile makeover. They are more expensive compared to Dental Veneers but in some cases no teeth preparation is needed (depending on the condition of your natural teeth) and therefore on some occasions they are preferred. Lumineers are ultra thin, about the same thickness as a contact lense. They can enhance the appearance of teeth which are worn down or dark in colour.

Dental Lumineers are not suitable for all patients and they require careful maintenance.

Which teeth are suitable for lumineers

Lumineers are perfect for front teeth (8 upper or 8 lower jaw). They are not suitable for side or back teeth which are used for chewing. If you are looking for a complete smile makeover we will advise you to combine your treatment with Dental Crowns.

What is the process of a Lumineer?

panaromic xray fethiyeHow are Lumineers created? In the first stage the dentist will take a panoramic x-ray of your teeth (a panoramic x-ray provides a 2D view). The dentist will check that the roots of your teeth are healthy and you are not in need of any root canal treatment before your treatment commences.

The dentist will then take an impression of your natural teeth and gums with a dental tray. On the same day, the dentist will then prepare your natural teeth (If necessary). This usually takes approximately 5 minutes per tooth. The Dentist will numb the area so you will not feel anything during the procedure. A second dental impression is then taken and sent to the local Fethiye laboratory. Within a short space of time (a few hours) we will provide temporary teeth so you can continue your holiday as normal until your new Lumineers are back from the laboratory which usually takes a few days.

If you have chosen Lumineers as you are planning a smile makeover, the dentist will discuss your colour options. You can choose Hollywood white or a more natural white a few shades darker. The choice is your depending on your colour preference. The laboratory technicians are highly skilled and will start to create your new Laminate Veneers. Your Lumineers are custom made based on your dental impressions to ensure an accurate fit.

On your second visit the Dentist will fit your new Lumineers on a temporary basis to check the fitting against your natural teeth and you will have an opportunity to check the appearance. We can make any adjustments needed. The Lumineers are then returned to the laboratory for their final polishing.

On your third and final visit, the dentist will remove your temporary teeth and your new Lumineers will be permanently cemented in place. Dental Lumineers are fragile compared to Dental Veneers. You will not be able to break anything hard with your teeth as you may chip the Lumineers. If looked after Dental Lumineers will last up-to 8 years.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!